Define Your Scent Personality
Monday, August 30, 2021

Define Your Scent Personality

Even the most beautiful commercial buildings can have unpleasant odors that arise from dumpsters, trash chutes, grease collection pits, lift stations and more. These odors can have a negative impact on the ambiance of any facility. State recognizes the requirement of different and customizable systems to effectively eliminate odor concerns, regardless of scale. We are dedicated to helping customers create the ultimate experience for their tenants, guests and customers by enhancing the air quality. Through the power of technology and customer-oriented customization, we can define the scent personality throughout your building with the Fragrance Cube and Fragrance Central.


Soft or strong, fresh or woodsy, there is a perfect scent for any space and client. Our fragrance formulas are refined, safe for use, and are VOC-compliant throughout North America. The Fragrance Cube scents are compliant with the International Fragrance Association’s (IFRA) standards of safety, and our exclusive fragrance formulas include our patented odor neutralizing technology to alleviate any malodor concerns.

Abscent - This low-scent option is perfect for eliminating odors and giving your space a neutral, clean scent. 

Citrus Green Tea - Take a deep breath and unwind with a refreshing, chilled Citrus Green Tea. Notes of lemon and grapefruit compliment green tea leaves, leaving you relaxed and stress-free.

Coastal Dreams - This soothing combination of notes transports you to a relaxing life on the coast, and can even be reminiscent of a crisp mountain breeze sweeping across a lakefront.

Midnight Woods - Imagine sauntering through the luxurious atmosphere of a secret haven. This seductive and musky fragrance is filled with hints of lime and pepper with herbaceous, woody undertones.

Natural Retreat - Create the perfect spa-like ambiance with this soothing and floral fragrance that is sure to bring a sense of relaxation to your facility.

Paradise Breeze - Escape to the ocean and retreat to your own personal paradise. Feel the breeze and enjoy these fresh oceanic and effervescent notes. 

Pure Meadow - Soft, green grass notes compliment delicate hints of rose, lilac and lavender to create a soothing spring-time scent.

Water Lily - A modern-day floral scent with dewy green notes and a touch of rose, like strolling through a statue garden and taking notice of the unspoken pleasures of life.